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ERA Streaming is powered by a series of patent-pending "ERA Algorithms" which assigns each individual their very own ERA Fingerprint. Our fingerprint techology recommends specific content for each person based on their specific generation - childhood, teen, coming of age and adulthood.

The in-house engineered sequence of ai driven algorithms will insure all entertainment is chosen specifically for each individual. Whether music, television, news or movies.

All fingerprints are different and unique to each and every user. Based upon 30 years of proven research of Reminiscence therapy.

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introducing the era bookshelf

The ERA Bookshelf is a machine generated library of all genres within a user's ERA Account, automatically managed and stored using ERA's proprietary recommendation algorithms. Content can also be added to your bookshelf through the interface, or after you are done watching your program. Friends, family, and anyone in your social circle can all share recommendations with you.

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